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Heys guys yesterday on 14/11/2020 I posted a video about PWA's. PWA's are actually websites which acts a native apps when installed on your device.The three main parts of a PWA are the serviceworker,manifest.json and the addsw.js.The serviceworker caches all the file required for the website,the manifest contains details about the website and addsw.js registers the service-worker.More about the service-worker in next post
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Today we are going to talk about serice-workers.The service-workers are files which are responsible for caching the required html,css and javascript files it also caches the images,audio and videos files if any,it can also be used for sending notification.So more about manifest and PWA in next post
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The manifest file in the PWA conatins information of your website like the website name,short name of website,icons,background-color,theme color and start url.The start url defines which url to show when used as an native app,the background color defines the color of the backgorund and the icons are required for different devices like Imac,Android,Ipod
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Amazing Website

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Here is a link to a great post about PWA https://dev.to/dfiredeveloper/how-to-easily-turn-your-website-to-a-progressive-web-app-pwa-2nm4, Here is the link to my video https://youtu.be/x7JdJy5EbxA
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